What we do.

Government Relations

Changes that governments make (or in other cases, choose not to make) can have profound effects on all of us – non-profits and companies are not immune.

So why not make government work for you?

Unlike larger government relations companies, Flagship Solutions’ “Main Street, not Bay Street” approach is tailored to the specific needs of each client. By doing so, we are able to get results for you.

Reach your objectives when dealing with the government. Flagship Solutions.

Public Relations

In an age that’s dominated by instant communication and overwhelming choice, its becoming more and more difficult for organizations to get their message out in an effective way.

By taking into account your short, medium and long-term goals, Flagship Solutions’ public relations experts can tailor communication strategies and communications products to help you achieve your goals faster.

Make yourself seen. Use Flagship Solutions.


We understand that the management of associations can be complicated and time-consuming. Flagship Solutions has experience managing large and small associations in a variety of sectors. We can capably organize and facilitate Board of Directors meetings, supervise elections, write Annual Reports and organize large-scale events. We can effectively implement Board’s decisions, support the Board’s work by providing a professional governance framework and can expand your organization’s horizons in the public relations, government relations and funding areas.

Get professional support. Flagship Solutions.


Government is complicated. We all know this. Funding programs that are announced sound so simple – and then you’re bombarded with complicated application forms and long waiting times, only to discover that you’re not even eligible for the grant.

Flagship Solutions has the expertise to help you. We will identify a variety of funding options for which you are eligible and then help in the writing of the applications. We help our clients get the funding they need to complete their projects properly.

Get the funding you need. Flagship Solutions.